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Interested in Carving?  Getting started recommendations


Consider going to the carving club meetings.

  • We have some great carvers coming to club which are ready and willing to help beginners or any carver that might have questions.  

  • It's great to be in a club because you always have support.

  • You welcome to attend club meetings (membership is not required).


  • Before purchasing any tools, come to a club meeting.  There are tools that first time carvers can try to see what you like.

  • Never buy tools without putting them into your hand first to see if you like the feel of them.

  • Start with a basic set of wood carving gouges and a knife or a few.


I do have some flexcut tools for sale including Lyons and Dunkle knives or know where you can get other tools that are for sale.  A couple of people have some used tools for sale too.   

I also have some basswood which is the wood we like to use for carving.    

Any other questions you can contact me and I will do my best to help you out.

Come to Artistry in Wood and visit with us.  

Cindy McDowell

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