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Executive Board Minutes

ACWC Executive Board

Board Meeting Minutes


March 26, 2024

Date/Time: Tuesday, March 26, 2024, 6:30 pm at AIH, 2716 Commercial Drive, Anchorage


Board Attendees: Callie Ashcraft, Larry Holman, Lisa Lackey, Alan Peck, Tam Pikey, and Jim Powell.


Audience: Bob Lackey.


There was a quorum based on the ACWA bylaws.


Those in attendance consisted of previous board members and 2 new members (Larry and Alan from the Woodworkers Chapter). Lisa previously served as Treasurer and was also nominated by the Woodworkers Chapter. Callie has previously served in the communications role of the Executive Board and unofficially represents the carvers since she regularly is involved with their meetings and functions. Gino Del Frate served as Vice President of the Executive Board representing the carvers but in February 2024, he announced his resignation at the end of the current term. He has an interest in attending Executive Board meetings through May, but informed the board that he will not be active afterward. The Carvers Chapter did not nominate any of their members to the new Executive Board following the Chapter elections called for in January 2024. The Scrollers Chapter went on hiatus during 2023. They did not hold elections and nominate members to the Executive Board. Tam Pikey has been serving as our web page designer.


Minutes for this meeting were taken by Alan Peck and will be sent out to the Board for review and editing followed by revisions. The Board agreed that final approval of these and future notes could be done through email or text rather than wait until the next meeting, so the minutes can be publicly available more quickly. The Board members also agreed that minutes would be posted to the ACWA website. Further, the Board agreed that the initial note taker of meeting minutes would rotate to a different member at each future meeting and all members would edit those notes before it is submitted for final approval. This decision may be revisited if a secretary is elected.


Jim provided background of the ACWA and its functions.


New Business

  1. Election of officers.

Alan introduced the idea that the persons filling the President and 2 Vice President roles should rotate every year. This may a) provide an easier transition than when someone in that role for several years decides to leave, b) encourage someone to take an officer position if they feel they will not be committed to it year after year, and c) provide greater equality for each Chapter. The Board discussed and generally agreed.


a) A motion was made and seconded for the nomination of Larry Holman as ACWA President. No others were nominated. Larry became the President after a vote of 6 yea and 0 nay.

b) A motion was made and seconded for the nomination of Alan Peck as ACWA Vice President. No others were nominated. Alan became the Vice President after a vote of 6 yea and 0 nay.

c) A motion was made and seconded for the nomination of Lisa Lackey as ACWA Treasurer. No others were nominated. Lisa became the Treasurer after a vote of 5 yea, 1 abstain (the nominee), and 0 nay.


Jim previously informed the ACWA Board and the Chapters that he would be stepping back this year due to limited time he would have available. As such, Jim was not nominated to the Board by a Chapter. He told the Board he would be available as an advisor. Callie agreed to continue with her communications role and also to provide a perspective of the carvers (of which she is regularly active) given the absence of Carvers Chapter nominee representatives to the ACWA Board. Tam agreed to continue as the web page designer.


The Board discussed the remaining unfilled positions of Secretary and the second Vice President and the State of Alaska requirements to maintain nonprofit status. Bylaws Article V, G. states “In the event of a vacancy on the ACWA Board, the Board may appoint a temporary Board member to fill the vacancy until an election of the general membership is held.”


d) A motion was made and seconded for the nomination of Jim Powell as temporary ACWA Vice President. No others were nominated. Jim became the 2nd Vice President after a vote of 5 yea, 1 abstain (the nominee), and 0 nay.

e) Tam agreed she would fill a temporary role as a Recording Secretary meaning she would maintain the ACWA minutes and records and serve as the Association correspondent. The remaining duties of the Secretary including recording meeting minutes would rotate to all members of the Board. A motion was made and seconded for the nomination of Tam Pikey as temporary ACWA Recording Secretary. No others were nominated. Tam became the Treasurer after a vote of 5 yea, 1 abstain (the nominee), and 0 nay.


2) Tam will post the new ACWA Board members and contact information on the website and this will also be placed in the next Woodchip newsletter to the membership.

3) Lisa will file the new Board contact information and also the Dec. 2023 approved revised bylaws with the State as required. The 501 C7 tax status needs to be changed with the State. We are compliant with the IRS. Alan will correct a minor error and a few formatting issues in the revised bylaws and then send to Tam and Lisa for their follow up.

4) Review of 2024 Artistry in Wood Event and improvements needed for the 2025 event.

Jim discussed highlights of the Feb. 22 to March 4, 2024 event. This was the 20th annual Artistry in Wood.

  • We will need to look into the possibility of a different location for 2025 since the Midtown Mall did not let turners or scrollers to use machines for demonstrations this year.

  • Repairs to displays can be made over the summer. Charline ? who is in charge of the old DMV storage area where our displays are kept told Jim we can do it there. Benches need new paint. Casters are too small and need to be replaced. The peg board display needs to be replaced with possibly a slat wall. Bob and Lisa Lackey said they could use their commercial CNC router machine to make a new display wall. Follow up with Bob and Lisa on the design will be needed.

  • Event organizers are needed for the 2025 Artistry in Wood.

5) The Board discussed the membership roster of active paid members, total email contacts and issues and cost with WIX in maintaining these and complications in sending out notices. The board agreed that contacts should be removed after 3 years of not paying membership dues. Tam and Lisa will coordinate and provide Jim with the list of paid members and the total contact list. Jim will be responsible for reviewing the list and removing contacts. The new list will be effective Sept. 2024 and notice will be provided through the Woodchip Newsletter starting in April and through later email notification. We want to encourage people to renew their annual membership and stay current.

6) Next meeting will be June 11 at 6:30 pm at the AIH workshop on Commercial Dr.




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