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The Alaska Creative Woodworkers chapter is one of three organizations within the Alaska Creative Woodworkers Association. We are a diverse group of hobbyists and professionals with a wide range of skill levels. Our members share woodworking knowledge, develop and improve ideas, learn new skills and techniques, cultivate member fellowship, and promote interest in woodworking to the broader community. The types of woodworking disciplines and traditions our chapter encompasses include cabinetry, furniture making, epoxy woodworking, woodworking art, joinery, digital woodworking, and construction. 


Our monthly meetings feature guest speakers as well as members who share their expertise. Past topics have included design and construction techniques, project presentations, tool tune-ups, jig demonstrations, and bending. In addition to meetings, we offer a variety of classes, a newsletter, tool swaps, an annual show and exhibition, and a wealth of new friendships. We also provide volunteers to monitor and provide help at the weekly Open Shop where individuals can come with their projects to use the fully operational workshop.

Mission statement: The Alaska Creative Woodworkers is dedicated to the promotion of skill, craft, and excellence in the woodworking community through education, information, and fellowship.

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